commissions and working groups

Digital Trust Commission

Christian DUBOURG - Spark Archives

Working Group Blockchain - work on archivists’ blockchain - Rédoine BILLAUD - Cincom / Christian DUBOURG (consultant)

Working Group Demat Invoices - work around electronic invoice - Sandrine HILAIRE - Everial

Working Group eIDAS - work around eIDAS trust services - Christian DUBOURG (consultant)

Working Group Health - work on digital health consultations - Christian DUBOURG (consultant)

Working Group Norm s - work on standards and certifications around electronic archiving - Philippe MARTIN / Christian DUBOURG (consultant)

Marketing Commission

Rédoine BILLAUD - Cincom

 Working Group Web site - JP LA HAUSSE de LALOUVIERE - Intalio

Thinking Group - Benoit CHARON - Activbold

Training Commission

Philippe CHANTIN  - Ourouk

  • Participation of eFutura in university training
  • Definition of eFutura training cycles

Working Group Strategy - Philippe CHANTIN - Ourouk

Prospective and Societal Commission 


Working Group for Digital Transition Day - Wladimir TARANOFF  

Societal Thinking Group - Emmanuel FRANCOIS

Working Group Métavers / Web3 : ​the uses - Wladimir TARANOFF

International Commission

Promotion of our actions internationally and in particular in Africa