Covid-19 is an accelerator of changes in our society, in particular by:

  • The acceleration of teleworking which is changing the way we work by mixing remote work and face-to-face work which remains necessary to guarantee a professional / private life balance. This leads to rethink our workspaces, relationships between our employees to increase the productivity of the collective, exposure to risks, IT security, collaboration 3.0, ethics of teleworking...       
  • The digital transition which is accelerating and which obliges to overhaul paradigms requiring rethinking both skills and team leadership by managers. Data and AI are at the heart of this digital transition and bring value creation but at the same time raise ethical questions.

Our companies must be at the forefront of these changes both for themselves and for the services offered to their ecosystem. 

eFutura is at your side to reflect and help you better act on these different changes. This is why we have changed our organization and our actions. 

The 6th Digital Transition Day will take place on October 21 2021, we hope, face-to-face and direct live on our YouTube channel. Its theme will be: “Ethics, Data and Digital Transition”. 

We hope we will have the pleasure of meeting again soon, both within our companies, organizations and of course families.

Good luck to everyone.
Continue to take care of yourself and those around you.

Best regards,

Jean-Pierre La Hausse de Lalouvière